About Glider aerobatic show team

Around May 2020, our brand new MDM1-FOX, built by Margański & Mysłowski, arrived in the Netherlands after a build time of ten months. Before this, the Glider Aerobatic Show Team was not active for long under this name. We want to take you through the road to the creation of the Glider Aerobatic Show Team.

Peter Mink has been an enthusiastic glider pilot for many years. Once, he became Dutch Champion in the Sportsman-class in an ASK-21, which he co-owned with a group. Later he took a share in a MDM1-Fox. Peter noticed that he flew less and less on that Fox over the last few years because it was primarily based at Deelen Air Base, which from Breda is quite a distance if you have to drive this every time.

… not enough profit from his share in the other MDM1-Fox… action!

At the beginning of 2019, he made his decision. He was going to buy his own Fox! There were two main aims for the new Fox: In terms of equipment, it had to be complete to his liking, and above all, it had to be the most spectacular MDM1-Fox in the world! In March of 2019 Peter flew to Poland, where he ordered a brand new MDM1-Fox. Enthusiastic as the team is, we went up and down with Peter several times to see the build process of the aircraft at the factory. “It is incredible how skilled they are there; everything is finished down to the very last detail,” says Peter.

Spectacular design

Upon return from Poland, Peter quickly met with the graphic designers of M2ID and the sticker experts of Sign Masters.  When the Fox was being built, they created a spectacular design different from anything else you have ever seen on an aircraft. Not only did they create a design for the fox, but they also came up with a fitting design for the gliders specially built large transport trailer. The trailer was built by Peter himself with the help of some good friends from GLC Illustrious. Together with these friends, Peter forms the Glider Aerobatic Show Team, with which he will be making an appearance at air shows.

On Sunday, June 28 2020, Peter made his first flight and returned to Gilze-Rijen Air Base with a grin from ear to ear. “I had a lot of work to do, but it was well worth it.

The Glider Aerobatic Show Team is known to provide as much customization as possible.  If you are looking for something specific please contact us. We will be happy to look into the possibilities to add a breathtaking experience to your event.