Aerobatic Flight shows

We offer spectacular and unique aerobatic flight shows. These shows are entirely custom made for the event in question. This way, we always provide a new experience, and visitors will always have a fresh new display performance to admire. What makes the display so breathtaking is the fact that it is done with a glider. Many visitors of, for example, the RNLAF open day’s or Sanicole know the bigger, heavier, and smaller powered aeroplanes, but you do not often see a glider performing at airshows. The Glider Aerobatic Show Team flies with special smoke pods on the wings to add an extra dimension. This is great for daytime, but it is also possible to provide a show in the fading evening light. We ignite the smoke pods and fireworks during this evening display, optionally mounted on the wings, to give an incredible show in low light conditions.

glider aeroabatic show team flight shows

A special day for your club

Besides our flight shows, it is also possible to have us come by to give an aerobatics club experience day. You can invite your guests or members to fly with one of our pilots during this day. Our pilots will take a passenger for a ride in our two-seater MDM1-Fox. The passengers will be taken on a display routine in which they will experience both negative and positive G-forces during the flight. After your guests have enjoyed their flights, we will conclude the day with a flight show. 


Aerobatic training and masterclass

Are you already a step ahead, and do you already fly but want to perfect your aerobatic skills? Then it is also possible to participate in an aerobatic training or masterclass. The masterclass or training is a one-day programme that we will set up together with you. This way, it is completely tailored to your needs, and we can start building your career as an aerobatic pilot.

Looking for something specific?

The Glider Aerobatic Show Team is known to provide as much customization as possible.  If you are looking for something different from what we are currently describing, please contact us. We will be happy to look into the possibilities to add a breathtaking experience to your event.